Welcome to jain PreSchool

Jain Preschool developing in pristine environment is one of the best Educational Institute situated Surat. Our aim is to explore and expand child’s curiosity and enstrengthen with best knowledge and education and make them best human being for the society.

Who We Are

Jain Preschool  provides   all the facilities and the infrastructure that are always open for everyone , and a visit within the premises will help   everyone to know about the specialities and pecularities of the school that makes the school special. The process of growth and constant improvement is never ending at the school.

What We Do

With the mission to cultivate and nurturing young minds of the future, Jain Preschool is founded in 2014. We are following high standards in governance, established with the best academic criteria, and well-administered management processes. Here, the process of growth and constant   improvement   is endless. We established the institute with the Vision to Develop qualities of independence, and to provide equal opportunities, and   the curriculum that leads to the holistic development of the child.


  • Dance Class
  • Sports Complex

    Four physical education teachers encourage and train children to participate in various indoor & outdoor games. Cricket coaching is done twice a week. The star sportsmen of the schools have made it at National level in various games.

  • Drawing & Handy Craft

    Art teachers of Jain Preschool encourage children to appear for many art examinations taken by Government as well as NGOS The students’ art works prepared under the guidance of drawing teachers decorate the school premises on all occasions.

  • Yoga Class

    Institution has  yoga Class, Where an expert in yoga trains the students for yoga. The students with learning disability or poor concentration are advised to take yoga as an activity.

  • Music Room

    There are two music rooms with all musical instruments such as Jain Preschool, Keyboard, Tabla, Flute etc. and students’ musical practice classes fill the school atmosphere with sweet melodies. The music teachers also guide those who select music as a subject at Board examination.

  • Karate Class

    Two dance teachers train and guide the students for various dances such as Indian Classical, Folk and Western Dances.